Interpersonal Mindfulness Program

with Carol Hendershot, Certified MBSR Instructortwo-heads-of-people

Interpersonal Mindfulness is a way to practice bringing mindful awareness into the most important, meaningful and challenging places in your life. In Interpersonal Mindfulness we train our ability to pause, relax and truly open to another human being.

In mindful dialogue we begin to see the ways we create suffering for self and others and how we can start to change these patterns. By exploring the present moment together with respect and curiosity, we are cultivating self-awareness, acceptance, and the ability to be with challenging mind states without reacting.

With each moment of practice, we learn to choose ease and compassion over stress and self-identification. Working in this way reveals the shared human experience in the moment it is lived, giving us tools to use everyday, in every interaction.

This class was developed as a collaboration between The Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the Metta Foundation. Based on the practice of Insight Dialogue, this class teaches you to bring the healing practice of meditation and mindfulness into your experience with other people.

Benefits of Interpersonal Mindfulness:

Learning how to use the practices of mindfulness meditation to improve communication with others helps to ease relationship stress and social anxiety.

This class teaches you how to deepen the practice of mindfulness in all your interactions using the principles of Interpersonal Mindfulness to:

  • Reduce social anxiety in any setting
  • Improve all types of relationships and build communication skills
  • Reduce stress and anxiety in relationships
  • Learn new listening skills to hear oneself and others more deeply
  • Increase awareness in interactions.
  • Recognize habitual ways we react to stress and anxiety in relationships
  • Cultivate wholesome states-of-mind and actions, and release those that are not.

Class Details

Each of the eight weekly class sessions lasts 2-1/2 hours. One full day retreat occurs in the middle of the course to provide the unique opportunity to integrate new skills and all you have learned into an extended period of practice.