Embodied Presence Retreat:
Awareness, Connection, Sensitivity

shutterstock_235214881“My body knows it belongs, it’s my mind that makes my life so homeless.”– John O’Donohue

with April Hadley & Carol Hendershot

October 9 – 11, 2015
Barothy Lodge, Walhalla, MI

Shared Room: $360 (females only for this option)

Excellent Vegetarian Meals Included

Embodied presence is a way of being present to the moment through the body. It offers a grounded sense of reality we can have in no other way.

Many of us live our lives like James Joyce’s Mr. Duffy, who “lived a short distance from his body.” We get so lost in our thoughts that we are hardly present for our lives at all. We cause ourselves so much suffering, not because of what happens in our lives, but because of the stories we tell ourselves about what happens in our lives.

Our culture places great value on the analytical abilities of the mind, and this is important, but we lose a lot when we take this as the only way of knowing and experiencing our world.

Our bodies have so much to say if we pay attention. Each experience we have, each thought and each emotion is recorded in the body. The body then tries to communicate with us through a gut feeling, our intuition, the queasiness in our stomach, or the relaxation or tension of our breath. These are all important messages our bodies are sending, that can immeasurably enrich our lives when we listen.

The great challenge of our lives today is to renew this connection with our felt bodily experience and to reconnect with our inner wisdom and sensitivity.

The Embodied Presence Retreat will take you on a journey of reunification with your inner life, the life of the body. We will explore the body through mindful movement, meditation, mindful speaking and listening, silence, talks and discussion all designed to lead us back to wholeness.

The retreat is open to new and experienced meditators. Practice instructions will provide a framework throughout the retreat. There will be periods of silence and also time to share. Talks by the instructors and small group discussions will encourage personal reflection and application.

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