Generosity Begins with You

GenerosityBy Patti Ward, M.Ed.

December can easily be seen as a month of great generosity. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition for ‘generosity’ is: the quality of being kind and generous. The meaning of ‘generous’ is to show a readiness to give more of something, as money or time, than is strictly necessary or expected. What’s your definition of generosity?

There is actually a “Science of Generosity Initiative” at the University of Notre Dame. In their ...

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The Violence of Self-Improvement

head in hands
By April Hadley, LLMSW

I recently came across a brilliant quote by the rocker, David Lee Roth. He said, “The problem with self-improvement is knowing when to quit.” It connects to another favorite phrase of mine which is “the violence of self-improvement.” It is a poignant phrase because it combines two things we rarely associate with one another – violence and ...

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A Beautiful Challenge for 2017

child hug
By April Hadley, LLMSW

I am going to give you a beautiful challenge for 2017! Are you ready? I challenge you to cultivate affection for your meditation practice! Did your face scrunch up a little as you wondered how affection and meditation could possibly go together? After all, isn’t affection better left to the realm of romance? Not anymore!

Affection can be defined ...

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Why I Need Self-Compassion

By Carol Hendershot
Colorful heart
“Love, not judgment, sows the seeds of tranquility and change…” Dana Faulds

I love my family, I really do, but when we all get together during the holidays, it feels like we just climbed out of a time machine. I could swear that my grown sons start to look and act the same way they did twenty years ago ...

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“What if we were already there?”

stone path
What would life look like if you were actually present for the experience.
by Carol Hendershot

One of my students shared this lovely story with me about her vacation in Japan.

“My friend and I were rushing all over Tokyo in search of the perfect restaurant, perfect store, perfect whatever….. and my friend stopped me in my tracks. “Kathleen, how about if we just say we are already there.”

That was a ...

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Meeting Difficult Emotions with Compassion

by Carol Hendershot

Life is just hard sometimes. We get sad, angry, frustrated, lonely, and afraid.

If you’re like me you will do everything and anything you can to avoid the pain. Have a glass of wine, get lost in Facebook, go shopping, or eat ten doughnuts. If only all those tactics worked, but they don’t. The feelings don’t go away they just get buried for a while, take their vitamins, and get ready to erupt in a Mount Vesuvius kind of ...

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