Finding Wholeness

Many Colored Days
by Katy Chapman, Mindfulness Instructor

A couple of years ago, I went on a spiritual journey to my church’s headquarters. I took a class titled, ‘Healing and Wholeness’. Little did I know that this was the beginning of some very significant changes in my life.

My Healing and Wholeness Class taught me that to heal deeper life wounds, and to achieve greater ...

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Being in the Midst of Doing: 5 Ways to Bring Your Practice into Your Life


By Carol Hendershot

When I hear the phrase “being versus doing,” I think of two things that are diametrically opposed. Way to often, I get lost in my world of “doing” and lose my sense of “beingness.” I feel out of kilter, off balance, like I can’t stop and settle. My body is constantly moving and even more troubling, so is my mind. And, I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.

In one of ...

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A Beautiful Challenge for 2017

child hug
By April Hadley, LLMSW

I am going to give you a beautiful challenge for 2017! Are you ready? I challenge you to cultivate affection for your meditation practice! Did your face scrunch up a little as you wondered how affection and meditation could possibly go together? After all, isn’t affection better left to the realm of romance? Not anymore!

Affection can be defined ...

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Mindfulness Can Be Hard: 8 Reasons Why You May Not Want to Start a Mindfulness Practice (and 4 Supports)

Time Magazine
by April Hadley, LLMSW

We Are Experiencing a Mindful Revolution

Mindfulness is all the rage right now. In 2015, Time magazine declared that we are in the midst of a mindful revolution. Rigorous studies in the field of neuroscience continue to demonstrate the efficacy of the practice in areas ranging from chronic pain to post traumatic stress to the emotional health of children.

So Why Would I Tell You to NOT to ...

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Easiest Meditation Practice Ever

By April Hadley, LLMSW

There is a wonderful meditation story in which a student asks his teacher, “How do I practice meditation in my everyday life?” The teacher replies, “By eating and sleeping.” The student protests, “But everyone eats and sleeps! How is that meditation?”

The teacher answers, “But not everybody eats when they eat, and not everybody sleeps when they sleep. ...

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What is this thing called Mindfulness?


by Carol Hendershot

“…we don’t have to look outside the present moment to experience wisdom, compassion, and the boundless purity of our true nature. In fact, these things can’t be found anywhere but the present moment.” Mingyur Rinpoche

We use the word mindful or mindfulness in a lot of different ways. Be mindful of your step. Do that mindfully. Be mindful of the planet by recycling. ...

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Change Your Brain with Mindfulness: Your Most Important Remodeling Job Ever!

1-Brain lifting weights

by Carol Hendershot

Until just a few years ago, scientists believed that our brains stopped growing and changing in our mid-twenties. Then, new technologies were born. EEGs, PET Scans, and fMRIs gave us the ability to observe the inner workings of living breathing human brains and everything changed!

These amazing machines created a window into a brain that is constantly molding and remolding itself from birth to death. When we learn ...

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Embrace Space

By April Hadley, LLMSW

Looking in a mirror
“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Viktor Frankl

Viktor Frankl’s wise words capture so much of the heart of mindfulness – SPACE. When we cultivate space in our lives, we step out of reactivity and gain the power to choose wiser and more discerning ...

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