3 Ways to Become a More Patient Person

By Carol Hendershot

I was not born with a strong patience gene. Before mindfulness, I was always in a hurry. I would honk at cars in the wrong lane, tap my toe in check-out lines, finish peoples’ sentences, and huff and puff when my computer wouldn’t load.

Our culture supports this way of being; our hurry-up world is always pushing us. We hear the “do more, be more” messages from parents, teachers, advertisers, and even ...
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What is Your True North?

By Carol Hendershot

Every year on December 31, I spend some time reflecting on the past year.  And then, like a lot of you, I look forward to what I want to accomplish in the next 365 days. There is never any lack of possible projects to take on, but this year my focus is different.

This year I want to focus on discovering my values–the things that are really important to me that ...

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Being Thankful Can Change Your Life

Why I Started a Gratitude Practice

by Carol Hendershot

Three months ago, I started a gratitude practice. I know, it seems a bit late. I’ve been hearing about the benefits of gratitude and recommending it for years but somehow I couldn’t quite buy into it. So, I just kept putting it off.

On August 17, I arrived at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center in the southern ...

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Falling in Love with Meditation

Woman meditatingby Carol Hendershot

“I meditate so that my mind can’t complicate my life.” Sri Chinmoy

When I realized that our theme this month was “Making Practice Enjoyable,” I felt a stab of fear. Communicating the joy of meditation to people who are just beginning to meditate felt really daunting.

Don’t get me wrong; I love meditation, once I get on my cushion. But, just like most meditators, or would be meditators, getting there ...

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Overcoming the Wanting Mind

resisting ChocolateBy Lynn Rossy, PhD

One of the most common statements I hear at the beginning of my mindful eating classes is “I can’t stop eating because it tastes so good even when I’m full.” My question is “Are you listening to your belly or to your mind?” After a short pause, I hear “From my mind!”

People get it. They can immediately recognize that we get different messages from our bellies (which ...

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A Season and Reason to Be Kind

Hearts in Hand

Winter is the season of self-reflection and renewal. Many of us set intentions to move more, eat better, improve our time management, give more, or spend less money. In some aspect all of these are on my list of intentions for 2018.

Is being kinder to yourself on your list of intentions for the coming year? It’s made mine. ...

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Start with Beginner’s Mind

eyes of a childby Carol Hendershot

“To the beginner there are many possibilities, to the expert, few.” Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

It’s December 31 and I haven’t made even one New Year’s resolution yet. It’s not that haven’t thought about it, actually that’s all I’ve been thinking about today.

Some of the possible candidates have included: losing 5 pounds, sending out more thank you notes, going to bed earlier, doing yoga and meditation ...

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Generosity Begins with You

GenerosityBy Patti Ward, M.Ed.

December can easily be seen as a month of great generosity. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition for ‘generosity’ is: the quality of being kind and generous. The meaning of ‘generous’ is to show a readiness to give more of something, as money or time, than is strictly necessary or expected. What’s your definition of generosity?

There is actually a “Science of Generosity Initiative” at the University of Notre Dame. In their ...

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