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High School Mindful Stress Reduction
and Self-Compassion Workshops

​This summer high school students can choose from a variety of topics: Exploring mindful self compassion,  Developing mindfulness skills, or  Discovering loving kindness.  Students may choose to take one of the classes or all of the classes as each class addresses separate topics.

Each class will open with an art activity and a getting to know you activity. Great care is placed on building a safe and friendly class space. We will have a variety of movement, practices and teachings throughout the workshop.

Dates: See Session dates and times below
Cost: $45/class or $125 for all three*
Location: Expressions of Grace Yoga
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*Students may take one or multiple classes as each session focuses on a different topic

Session One: Exploring Mindful Self Compassion
Wednesday, June 13, 12-2:00 PM

In this class we will introduce students to self compassion and begin to explore its uses  and benefits in their everyday lives. In today’s day and age teens are under increasing pressure academically, socially, and emotionally. This class takes the first steps in increasing awareness of our capacity for self compassion, and a few practices to help them through difficult moments. Each class will include the current brain science and a mindfulness practice.


Session Two: Developing mindfulness skills
Thursday, June 21, 1:00-3:00 PM

This class will delve into mindfulness and teens will experience the benefits of mindfulness.

In this class we will explore the definition of mindfulness and some meditative practices, bring mindful awareness to the present moment experience and learn to calm the mind by anchoring attention on a single object or focal point.
Participants will learn the classic mindfulness practices such as the body scan, mindful eating,and basic meditation. We will also learn the about the teen brain and the special challenges its growth and development brings to teens.


Session Three: Exploring Mindful Self-Compassion and Loving Kindness 
Thursday July 12,  3:00-5:00 PM  

This class is an extension of sessions one and two, but can be taken independently. We will learn about the development of the adolescent brain and its unique challenges and circumstances the the process brings. We will introduce loving kindness and self compassion and learn to cultivate the ability to show kindness to oneself. In building on self compassion, we will investigate its value in regards to working with self- criticism. Students will leave with a few skills to help take care of themselves when experiencing the ups and downs of teen lives.

*Minimum number of students to run class: 3
Bring your friends!

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