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Middle School Mindful Stress Reduction and Self Compassion Two Hour Workshops

This introductory workshop will be a  blend of mindfulness and mindful self compassion for middle school students ages 12- 14 years of age. The workshop was developed for the middle school student in mind, so will have a variety of activities and practices including some movement and hands on activities.

We will learn how to practice mindfulness and learn its benefits such as less stress and anxiety,  better focus, and improved emotional regulation. We will learn some mindfulness practices to help with test anxiety and how to work with strong emotions.

In addition, we will learn why treating ourselves with self compassion is so important, and how self compassion can help teens when they experience hurts and frustrations throughout their days. Great care is taken to ensure that this will be a safe and friendly place for middle school students.

Choose from one of the following dates:
Tuesday June 12:      12:30- 2:30 PM
Weds. June 20:          2:00-4:00 PM

Cost: $45.00 each

Location: Expressions of Grace Yoga

Minimum number of students to run class:  3
Bring your friends!

Contact Cheryl Blackington:

Early Bird Pricing:
Register by May 28:  $40.00

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