Mindful Moments in Education Group Meet-Up

…supporting and sharing: a personal practice, student lessons, and our community.

This group is open to anyone interested in bringing mindfulness into their life and the lives of young people. We focus on three areas of interest: Personal Practice, Student Lessons on Mindfulness and Considering our Community. We hope to share tools, resources, and inspiration for anyone interested in bringing Mindfulness to children and youth. If you are interested in sharing a conversation around a personal practice in mindfulness within education, plan on attending our sharing and caring group, Mindful Moments in Education.

May 21, 2017

Group Meeting 2:30 – 4:30 pm

$5.00 per person donation toward Student Scholarships

May Theme: Patience

Welcome and Introductions (your name and your connection to Mindfulness)

Personal Practice
• What are you noticing about your ability to sustain attention on one thing (breath, sound, taste)?
• How do you relate to that experience?
• How have anchor words served you in formal mindfulness practice or daily life?

Student Lesson Ideas
• Bring your favorite “Mindfulness of Thinking” student lesson. Notice how it connects with ‘Patience’.

Community Sharing and Caring
• What can we do (or are we doing) to support Mindfulness in Schools?
• Be ready to share what you are doing.

Close with 1 minute of silence

Patti Ward’s Home

9235 Gooseneck Drive

Sparta, MI  49345

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Questions, contact Patti Ward p: 616-204-2099 or


  • Attend a meditation group: Expressions of Grace, every Wednesday from 7:15-8:30 pm, 5270 Northland Dr. NE, Grand Rapids 49525
  • Check out my website for some good books to read
  • How to teach Mindfulness in the Classroom
  • Commit to 20 minutes of practice a day, try out the app “Insight Timer”