Mindfulness Can Be Hard: 8 Reasons Why You May Not Want to Start a Mindfulness Practice (and 4 Supports)

Time Magazine
by April Hadley, LLMSW

We Are Experiencing a Mindful Revolution

Mindfulness is all the rage right now. In 2015, Time magazine declared that we are in the midst of a mindful revolution. Rigorous studies in the field of neuroscience continue to demonstrate the efficacy of the practice in areas ranging from chronic pain to post traumatic stress to the emotional health of children.

So Why Would ...

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Meeting Difficult Emotions with Compassion

by Carol Hendershot

Life is just hard sometimes. We get sad, angry, frustrated, lonely, and afraid.

If you’re like me you will do everything and anything you can to avoid the pain. Have a glass of wine, get lost in Facebook, go shopping, or eat ten doughnuts. If only all those tactics worked, but they don’t. The feelings don’t go away they just get buried for a while, take their vitamins, and get ready to erupt in a Mount Vesuvius kind of ...

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Easiest Meditation Practice Ever

By April Hadley, LLMSW

There is a wonderful meditation story in which a student asks his teacher, “How do I practice meditation in my everyday life?” The teacher replies, “By eating and sleeping.” The student protests, “But everyone eats and sleeps! How is that meditation?”

The teacher answers, “But not everybody eats when they eat, and ...

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First Mindfulness Family Day

Planting Seeds

by Patti Ward, Mindful Schools Certified Instructor

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant. -Robert Lewis Stevenson

I am very happy to report that we had a wonderful first family day. It was an opportunity for parents to participate in mindfulness activities with their children. We learned about ...

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What is this thing called Mindfulness?


by Carol Hendershot

“…we don’t have to look outside the present moment to experience wisdom, compassion, and the boundless purity of our true nature. In fact, these things can’t be found anywhere but the present moment.” Mingyur Rinpoche

We use the word mindful or mindfulness in a lot of different ways. Be mindful of your step. Do that mindfully. Be mindful of the planet by recycling. ...

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3 Essential Elements of Self-Compassion

hand on heart

By April Hadley, LLMSW

“Sweetheart. You are struggling. Relax. Take a breath and then we will figure out what to do.”

I love these words from long-time meditation teacher, Sylvia Boorstein, for two reasons: 1) They challenge me; and 2) they contain the three essential elements of self-compassion.

Let’s start with the first reason. I am challenged to the core by the word sweetheart! Who in ...

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Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds

by Patti Ward

On May 21st we will be offering our first Mindfulness Family Day, we hope you will be able to attend. It is open to anyone who has attended any of our children and teen classes or to anyone new to mindfulness and would just like to check it out. Parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts, uncles, ...

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My Amygdala Made Me Do It!


By April Hadley LLMSW

Imagine a world where each time you messed up or said something mean, you yelled, “My amygdala made me do it!” Although that may sound funny, it could be just the thing to help you step back from reactivity and take more responsibility for your actions.


The amygdala is the portion of the brain responsible for sounding the alarm when we perceive a ...

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