One-Minute Mindfulness Hacks

by Carol Hendershot, Certified MBSR Instructorbreathing-boy-in-the-sky

Definition – hack: any procedure or action that solves a problem, simplifies a task, reduces frustration, etc

“Got up late, out of coffee, no time for breakfast. Got to work, vending machine out of yogurt, only candy bars left. Picked up my voicemail, woman yelling, had to hold the phone away from my ear, twenty-page report, lost somewhere on my hard drive.”

Sound familiar? Sometimes life starts throwing you gummy bears and it just won’t stop. That probably wasn’t my worst day ever, but it sure wasn’t my best. So what can we do in the midst of the storm? More


5 Tips for Maintaining a Mindfulness Practice

by April Hadley, LLMSW 5 tips post it

The ancient Greek poet, Archilochos, wrote, “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.”

Do you have high expectations for yourself? I know I do. Another word you can use for expectations is hope. I like the word hope because it feels more gentle than the word, expectation. When I say, “I hope to be a more peaceful person” it lands more softly than “I expect to be a more peaceful person.” More


Finding Wholeness

by Katy Chapman, Mindfulness InstructorMany Colored Days

A couple of years ago, I went on a spiritual journey to my church’s headquarters. I took a class titled, ‘Healing and Wholeness’. Little did I know that this was the beginning of some very significant changes in my life.

My Healing and Wholeness Class taught me that to heal deeper life wounds, and to achieve greater wholeness, the path includes embracing all that comes my way in life. More

A Path of Mindful Eating

Lori Schermers RDScreen Shot 2017-03-06 at 1.49.00 PM

My Journey

My journey with mindful eating began over 30 years ago as I learned to listen and honor my body during my recovery from an eating disorder. This was prior to the popularity of Mindfulness. Back then it was referred to as conscious eating which had many of the same principles of mindful eating such as:

• Eat what you are really hungry for
• Reliance on the body’s internal cues of hunger and satiety to determine what and how much to eat
• Eat for physical rather than emotional reasons More